Friday, August 15, 2008

Attn: white people: fuck more! (pt. 2)

With the news that the browns and blacks will soon combine, Megazord-like, to statistically pwn the white majority, it's fun to watch people scramble to justify such a horror.

It's 'cause abortion!
After reading a half dozen articles concerning the majority/minority status of citizens in the United States, and noting that all of them projected the white race will become a minority by 2042, one vital fact seemed to have been ignored. A question arises as to why Caucasians in our country are drifting into a minority status so rapidly. Not a single comment was cited or even hinted that the white race is ABORTING itself into an eventual state of extinction.
Funny, and here I was thinking it was the black drug addict welfare queens who <3 abortion. It's all bullshit, of course, and it doesn't take someone of WorldNetDaily-esque intellect to figure that out. But I don't mean to bring down Jacob Sullum for doing me that courtesy:

But ethnic and racial minorities already comprise a majority of the nation's population. The current U.S. population is about 300 million. There are roughly 46 million Hispanic Americans, 40 million African Americans, 35 million Irish Americans, 16 million Italian Americans, 15 million Asian Americans, 10 million Polish Americans, 3 million Greek Americans, and 3 million Russian Americans. That's a majority right there, and I've left out a bunch of ethnic groups.
Well naturally. In 2042, we will still be fearfully discussing how white people are soon to be a minority, simply because the definitions of "white" and "majority" will continue to shift for convenience's sake, like it always has.

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